the implementation of narotama university edutainment learning method

Post Date: February 13th 2010, 21:26:05


Competency in Complexity Situation, Build Tim Work And Effective Communication, Problem Solver, Build Experience.


Self Confidence, Be Your Self, Sense Of Belonging.


Social Relationship, Spiritual Relationship.


Lecturer’s Appearance, Classroom Arrangement, Learning Mediums Arrangement, Class Contract and Module Arrangement, Student Motivation Techniques, Supporting Unit for Learning Process.

Lecturer’s Appearance :

Male Lecturer

1. Tidy clothes, decent, wearing suit and tie.

2. Wearing Pin

Female Lecturer

1. Tidy clothes, decent, wearing blazer

2. Wearing Pin

3. Smiley and Friendly

Classroom Arrangement :

1. Must be tidy and clean with AC

2. Designed by the lecturer according to the material studied

3. Apply a 2 way communication

Learning Mediums Arrangement :

1. Supported by the Laptop and LCD usage with color and picture in the presentation

2. Accompanied by Mozart’s songs in every classroom

3. Using animation and real example (via wifi)

Student Motivation Techniques :

1. Each lecturer must have a weekly student progress report

2. Put on an action plan to increase student’s skill

3. Held a counseling session for students

Supporting Unit for Learning Process :

1. Direct access to Academic Information System, weekly updated

2. Prime and fast administration service

3. Extracurricular and UKM activities

4. Make students feels homey

Institutional Support :

1. Education Lab must function to develop a better learning methods

2. Center for E-Learning Mediums Research

3. Study Center in every Major

4. Center for Multimedia Production which output are audio cassettes, programs, videos etc

5. Testing center to maintain the evaluation of Student’s learning result

6. E-Library

7. Print and Publishing Center which publish modules and text books

8. Another working units such as Computer Center, Academic Information System, Planning, Information System Management.(A!)

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